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Vor dem Film muss man dabei maximal fnf Werbespots anschauen, als John Bachmann in der RTL-Serie zu sehen. 2016 - Einladung und Programm der nchsten BAG Jahrestagung 2016 sind da.

Oitnb Cast

Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 7 von Orange Is The New Black: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Orange is the New Black: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Originalkonzeption; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Regieassistenz. Orange is the new Black. Originaltitel. Orange is the new Black. Genre. TV-Serie. USA

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Orange Is the New Black Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew u.v.m. Finde alle Informationen zur Besetzung das Staffel 1 von Orange Is The New Black: Schauspieler, Regisseur und Drehbuchautoren. Orange is the new Black. Originaltitel. Orange is the new Black. Genre. TV-Serie. USA

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Oitnb Cast

In a flashback that took place during the events of the first season while she was out on probation, she is joking around with Poussey over the phone.

After several attempts, she successfully gets in touch with Judy and talks to her about doing a loan program for inmates being released from prison to help them get back on their feet.

With Judy's help, she is able to get the Poussey Washington Fund started and at the end of the series, she is briefing several inmates about to be released about the fund.

Nicky Nichols played by Natasha Lyonne — A former drug addict, now Red's most trusted assistant, Nicky is witty and acerbic Jew from New York City, with a loud mouth.

She swiftly befriends both Piper and Alex, expressing curiosity about what happened between the two of them outside of prison.

She is estranged from her mother, a wealthy but extraordinarily selfish socialite who now lives in Brazil. When she was a child, Nicky was raised by a nanny and lived in a separate house from her mother.

Her father was always cheating on her mother when she was growing up, leading to a deep resentment between her parents and causing her father to almost never look after her.

This estrangement from her parents was what initially led to Nicky's drug addiction. Upon arriving in prison, Red had helped her through her worst bouts of cold turkey.

For this reason, Nicky has disowned her mother, and now looks up to Red as a mother figure, to the point where she openly calls her "mom" in the presence of other inmates, and Red in turn openly treats her as if she were her daughter.

Nicky was involved in a friends-with-benefits relationship with Lorna until Lorna broke it off, which Nicky is bitter about for some time, but she later develops a brief interest in Alex.

Nevertheless, Nicky continues to make numerous attempts to get back together with Lorna throughout the series, suggesting that her feelings for her may be romantic.

Nicky has a scar on her chest from having heart surgery as a complication of a bacterial infection in her heart, which came from using a dirty needle.

Having been clean for two years, Nicky uses sex with the other inmates as a coping mechanism, becoming something of a nymphomaniac in the process.

During the second season, Nicky stages a sex-based point scoring competition with Big Boo, during which Nicky even makes advances on Officer Fischer.

She gets revenge on Vee for Red's slocking by stealing her stash of heroin, causing her to again face her addiction. In the third season, she attempts to get the stolen heroin out of the prison.

She decides to work with Luschek so he could sell it on the outside and split the profits with her. During a surprise inspection, drugs are discovered under Luschek's desk and he blames her for it, causing her to get sent to max.

On her way out, she exchanges brief goodbyes with Lorna and Red, and as the prison van pulls up at the facility, Nicky expresses her satisfaction to Tiffany that she will never be able to hurt them or anyone she cares about again, lamenting that, even after kicking her drug addiction, she may never lose her self-destructive tendencies.

In the fourth season, Nicky is surviving in Max, and celebrates three years sobriety. She is initially shown ending a fling with Stella Carlin after discovering that she is using drugs again, but shortly after, falls off the wagon and starts using them herself.

She has also been sending Luschek hate mail, and angrily castigates him when he comes to visit her, attempting to apologize.

Eventually, with the help of Judy King, Luschek secures her return to the regular prison, and she has an emotional reunion with Red and Lorna.

However, as a result of her relapse, she begins to steal from Red to purchase drugs from the various dealers across the prison, and at the same time makes numerous failed attempts to convince Lorna to restart their relationship.

When Red confronts her and breaks down in tears at watching her adoptive daughter destroy herself, as happened with Tricia, Nicky reluctantly agrees to clean herself up again.

Unbeknownst to her, Red uses her influence to get all of the prison drug dealers to cut Nicky off, while Pennsatucky provides her with emotional support.

She concludes the season clean, but admits to Lorna that she is unhappy and a 'junkie addict liar'. She gives up trying to get back together with Lorna claiming that she is hopelessly in love with her and knows that Lorna will never love her back , but is later convinced by Lorna into having sex.

She and Alex decide to get makeovers from Flaca and Maritza, resulting in her getting bangs and her hair straightened.

She is later seen having sex with an unknown blonde inmate while Lorna looks on sadly. Nicky is then kidnapped by Piscatella while caring for Red, and is held hostage with other members of Red's Family.

After Piscatella is tied up in Frieda's Bunker, Nicky returns to Lorna and finds out that Lorna is actually pregnant.

She then calls Lorna's husband Vince and tells him that Lorna is really pregnant, a very loyal person who cares about him, and that he needs to take Lorna back.

The season ends with her telling Lorna to surrender to law enforcement for her safety before leading Taystee, Cindy, and Suzanne down to the bunker, where the fate of everyone in the bunker remains unknown.

In Season 6, Nicky is threatened with 70 extra years of drug charges and is forced to say that Red had a part in organizing the riot and kidnapping Piscatella.

She and Red remain on good terms however, as she talked to Red first and warned her. She is placed in D Block in Maximum Security, where she is reunited with Lorna.

She becomes friends with the leader of D Block, Barbara Dennings, and helps her get sober. She marries Piper and Alex in the season finale in a surprise wedding that she and Alex planned.

Nicky then convinces Lorna to hide from the kickball game and stay out of the cell block war. When Barbara and Carol don't show up, she convinces the rest of D Block that the fighting is pointless, and the kickball game continues with nobody harmed.

Tiffany "Pennsatucky" Doggett played by Taryn Manning — Doggett is a former drug addict meth originally from Waynesboro, Virginia.

Her nickname is a reference to " Pennsyltucky ," a slang term for poor rural areas in central Pennsylvania. Tiffany has very bad teeth due to drug abuse and initially appears to be a fundamentalist Christian.

Frequently preaching about God, her religious rants are often laced with racism and hostility. She also caused the ceiling of the prison's chapel to collapse when she tries to hang an oversized cross from an overhead pipe.

For some time, Tiffany believed that she was blessed with " faith healing " abilities, after being tricked by the other inmates, and eventually gets sent to the psych ward when she attempts to forcibly "heal" a visiting paraplegic juvenile delinquent.

Despite this, it is revealed Tiffany was sent to prison for shooting an abortion clinic worker in broad daylight for making a snarky comment about her having had five previous abortions.

The local press believed that it was instead because of her religious beliefs — leading to her receiving funding, support, and even a fan base from some pro-life religious groups.

Tiffany dislikes Piper after she is placed on the WAC committee despite Piper not having run for the position, and also has a long-running hostile relationship with Alex, with the two of them clashing frequently.

Although it is Piper who gets Tiffany released from the psych ward, Tiffany declares a violent vendetta against Piper, eventually attempting to kill her after Piper rebuffed her religious beliefs, but instead, Piper beats her up badly.

After the beating, she appears to have gotten over her vendetta, presumably because Piper's beating allowed her to get a new set of porcelain teeth at the expense of the prison.

Tiffany loses her religious fervor, becoming more easy-going and moderate in her beliefs after attending regular counseling sessions with Healy.

Nevertheless, her old friends are now unafraid to stand up to her, and abandon her, leaving her on her own. Ultimately, she finds an unlikely friend in Big Boo, who has also been abandoned by her friends, and Tiffany subsequently cuts her hair short on Boo's advice.

After the prison's van is stolen, Tiffany replaces Lorna as the prison's van driver and begins a friendship with Charlie "Donuts" Coates, a new guard who initially seems friendly but exhibits unsettling behavior when they are alone.

Later, after Coates gets reprimanded by Caputo and put on probation for missing count, he rapes Tiffany in the prison van.

Through flashbacks, it is shown she has a warped view of sex due to her upbringing, having prostituted herself for six-packs of soda, and that she was repeatedly raped in the past to the point she no longer fights back.

At one point Tiffany had developed a non-abusive romance with a boy called Nathan, but the relationship ended after he was forced to move away with his parents to Wyoming.

Big Boo — now her closest friend — devises a plan to get revenge for Coates' actions, but they decide not to go through with it. To prevent future rapes, Tiffany fakes a seizure while driving and gets off van detail.

However, she sees that Maritza Ramos is her replacement, realizing that she may have provided Coates with a more naive and vulnerable victim. In the fourth season, Tiffany remains worried that Coates is raping Maritza, and continues to avoid him.

Throughout the season, Coates becomes perturbed when Tiffany continually acts coldly and angrily towards him and eventually confronts her to ask why.

She responds by asking him whether he is having sex with Maritza, and when he is confused by the question, she tells him that she wants to make sure he is not raping her, as he did with her.

Coates is genuinely shocked by this disclosure. He later offers her an apology, and Tiffany decides to accept and forgive him. Unfortunately, this costs Tiffany her friendship with Boo, although she later makes amends and convinces Boo that she forgave Coates for herself, and not for him.

Later, when Coates tells her that he is planning to quit his job, due to the horrors that he has witnessed at the prison, she tries to persuade him not to go and kisses him.

He initially returns it but stops himself from initiating sex, telling her that he does not want to make the same mistake again and that he is leaving anyway.

During the fifth season, after the other guards were taken hostage, Tiffany hides Coates in the laundry room from the other inmates. While hiding, she is giving Coates food and the two are kissing.

The other inmates put her on trial for assisting a guard, and Boo steps up as her lawyer to defend her.

She is put on probation to the ire of Leanne and Angie, and the two of them bully her to force her to violate her probation.

At the end of the season, Tiffany has escaped the prison in the confusion of the riot and was hiding in Coates' house. She hugs Coates while she has a gun in her hand and then asks him to join her on the couch to watch TV.

At the beginning of the sixth season, Tiffany was hiding in the trunk of Coates' car as he and Officer Dixon take a "road trip" that intervenes on their romantic trip.

While parked in front of a hotel, she eventually gets tired of hiding in the trunk, goes up to their hotel room, and gets in bed with Coates.

Later, she puts on a disguise and she, Coates, and Dixon go to an amusement park, where she and Coates are mistaken for a gay couple and harassed before Dixon steps in.

They go to a bar and see on TV that a manhunt was put out for her and Coates decides to try to take Tiffany to Canada to try and keep her out of prison.

They camp in the woods near the border, and after Coates falls asleep she goes to a local police station to turn herself in so Coates isn't implicated in her escape.

Once Tiffany is back in prison, she is being held in solitary. After getting new MCC Senior Vice President Linda Ferguson to come to her cell, she negotiates her way into Florida in exchange for not revealing that Linda had sexual relations with Boo during the riot.

At the end of the season, Tiffany is playing kickball with the other inmates after convincing Suzanne to join her. In the seventh season, Tiffany tries out a number of the prison's new educational programs, out of little more than boredom, but is underwhelmed by them all.

Eventually, she joins the General Education Development GED program. She initially takes to the class well, largely because of the enthusiasm and empathetic teaching style of the tutor, Elmer Fantauzzo.

When she fails her first test, she is about to give up the class, but Elmer takes her to one side and tells her of his belief that she has dyslexia.

Having been told that she is stupid by her emotionally abusive father for most of her life, Tiffany is filled with hope at the realization that she simply has an impairment to her reading abilities, and that with the correct tutoring and extra time on the exam, she could end up getting her GED after all.

Unfortunately, after Linda refuses further funding for the programs, and Elmer quits after Daya's gang attempt to blackmail him into smuggling drugs for them, Tiffany is left with the unqualified Taystee as a tutor.

However, Taystee familiarises herself with dyslexia learning techniques and soon has Tiffany back on track. On the day of the exam, however, Tiffany is horrified to learn that Luschek - who assumed responsibility of the course after Elmer quit - failed to put in an application for her extra time, due to his lack of care.

As such, she is forced to do the exam at the normal time. Convinced that she has failed, Tiffany explodes at a remorseful Luschek for his selfishness, and for ruining everything for her.

Despondent, she goes into the laundry where Daya and her gang are taking fentanyl. Daya and some of her gang leave, but one of them stays behind to take some more, and Tiffany asks for some.

Shortly after, Taystee is heading to her cell to commit suicide when the woman exits the laundry hurriedly and advises Taystee to leave as well.

Taystee enters to find Tiffany unresponsive on the floor after overdosing and screams for help whilst cradling her in her arms.

Tiffany is pronounced dead at the scene, and her body is taken away by the coroner; Tiffany ultimately leaves the prison in a body bag.

It is left ambiguous as to whether Tiffany intentionally committed suicide, or simply overdosed whilst in a state of despondency and reckless abandon.

However, her death prompts Taystee to reconsider her suicidal ambitions, and Luschek to take the fall for Gloria's mobile phone, preventing her from getting more time added to her sentence.

Suzanne later leads the residents of the Florida wing in a memorial service for Tiffany, and Taystee is both proud and saddened to discover that Tiffany had successfully passed her GED.

Dayanara "Daya" Diaz played by Dascha Polanco — A Puerto Rican inmate with artistic talents. She is the daughter of Aleida Diaz, with whom she has a strained relationship, as her mother often ignored her and her sisters as young girls in favor of going out and partying.

Daya is often criticized by her fellow Hispanic inmates because she cannot speak fluent Spanish. She developed a romantic relationship with prison guard John Bennett and became pregnant with his child.

Knowing that Bennett could be imprisoned for impregnating her, Daya joined forces with Red to trick Mendez into having sex with her so that he can be blamed for her pregnancy.

During the second season, she is shown to be increasingly hormonal and emotional due to the pregnancy, a contrast from her sweet demeanor in the first season.

She begins to believe that Bennett should serve time for her pregnancy in order to allow them to be together and raise their child after they are both released.

In the third season, Bennett proposes to her, and she expects them to have a relationship after she is released.

However, after a meeting with Cesar, Bennett appears to abandon Daya and the baby. Distraught and hopeless, she decided to give her child up for adoption to Mendez's mother Delia.

Instead, Aleida tricks Delia into thinking the baby died during childbirth, while in reality the child, who Daya named Armaria, was given to Cesar.

However, shortly after Cesar gets Armaria, his home is raided by the DEA and Daya's daughter is taken away. Daya was concerned about the fate of Armaria during the fourth season, after finding out Cesar was sent to prison and was worried that she would get lost in the foster care system.

With her mother being released, Daya decided that she wanted to start hanging out with women closer to her age, resulting in her going to the salon and working with Maria and her group, in spite of the concerns of Gloria, who promised Aleida that she would take care of Daya.

At the end of the fourth season, she is in the middle of the riot that was started when Taystee informed the rest of the inmates that Bayley was not arrested for Poussey's death.

Officer Humphrey attempts to pull out a smuggled gun and is pushed over by Maritza, causing it to fall in front of Daya.

She grabs it and takes Humphrey and Officer McCullough hostage, while most of the other inmates present loudly cheer her on and urge her to shoot Humphrey.

At the beginning of the fifth season, Daya, while trying to decide what to do with Humphrey and McCullough, gets annoyed at Humphrey and shoots him in the leg while he is trying to appeal to her in Spanish, pointing out that she does not understand him.

Following the shooting, the inmates take over the prison and Daya is presumed to be in charge, due to her possession of the gun.

Later that night, she was hit from behind and the gun was taken from her. The following morning, she pretends to still have the gun until it is discovered Gloria took it from her.

She decided to distance herself from the other inmates and go outside with the inmates that are attempting to take no part in the uprising, taking this time to paint Bennett on the garden shed.

Due to a media interview featuring Judy King and her mother, Judy reveals that a guard was shot during the riot, causing negotiations to end the standoff to halt until the shooter is turned over.

Not wanting to be the reason negotiations fail, and growing fed up with Aleida's control after being ordered to lie that the shooting was in self-defense, she decided to turn herself in.

Prior to surrendering, she called Delia and revealed that her daughter is alive. She asks Delia to adopt her and give her a better life, and after Delia tells her yes and she ensured that Delia knew how to correctly pronounce Armaria's name, she ends the call and goes outside the prison to surrender.

In the sixth season, with Humphrey now dead, Daya has accepted a plea deal to plead guilty to his murder in return for life imprisonment, thereby avoiding the death penalty.

However, she is repeatedly beaten, attacked and otherwise hated by the CO's for being a "guard killer.

Daya receives help from Dominga "Daddy" Duarte, the right-hand woman of D-Block gang leader Barb Denning, who had taken a shine to her. Unfortunately, she becomes addicted to opioids when Daddy gives them to her to help with her physical pain.

After Daddy accidentally wrecks her own drug smuggling operation, Daya goes into withdrawal, and in a desperate bid to obtain drugs, steals from Barb's personal stash.

When Daddy confronts her about it, Daya kisses her, and the two become romantically involved. Daya then volunteers to smuggle drugs in through Blanca in return for helping her obtain some of her boyfriend's semen so that she can artificially inseminate herself, but ends up getting jumped by some of the members of Blanca's block gang.

She then persuades Aleida to help her smuggle in drugs via her new boyfriend Rick Hopper, who is the captain of the guards at the prison.

She becomes a fully-fledged member of Barb's gang, but her newly acquired addiction to heroin distresses her mother.

At the beginning of the seventh season, she continues her relationship with Daddy, but she becomes upset when she walks in on her having sex with another inmate and then claiming that it was just business.

Intending to teach Daddy a lesson, she gives her some bath salts under the assumption she would have a similar episode as Barb but she dies from an overdose instead.

Immediately after Daddy's death, she takes over Daddy's gang and becomes even more ruthless in her methods. In an attempt to devise different methods to get drugs into the prison, she at one point threatens Elmer Fantauzzo, Tiffany's GED prep course teacher, by implying she would target his son if he doesn't smuggle drugs in for her.

When Aleida is returned to Litchfield after her parole violation Daya immediately attempts to assert dominance and then intentionally sets her and Hopper up to be caught having sex in the SHU as a distraction so she could recover her contraband that was confiscated earlier by the guards.

At the end of the series, she reveals to Aleida that she got her little sister Eva involved in her drug smuggling operation and threatened to get the rest of her younger siblings involved.

This revelation causes Aleida to punch Daya in the throat and begins choking her, fully intending to kill her.

However, if she is successful or not is not shown on-screen. Lorna Morello played by Yael Stone — A hyperfeminine and often racist Italian-American inmate, with a strong accent that inexplicably mixes regional features from both New York City and Boston.

She seems to suffer from some sort of mental illness. She is the first inmate that Piper talks to since she was in charge of driving the van that transports inmates, and she helps Piper acclimate in her first few days.

It is eventually revealed that Christopher was a man whom she had obsessively stalked and threatened at the same time that she was running a mail-order scam, and the reason she is in prison is that she placed a car bomb under his car.

Lorna also gets caught in the middle of Pornstache and Red's drug-smuggling operations. When she is left alone during a driving errand while Miss Rosa is at a chemotherapy appointment, she drives to Christopher's house and breaks in.

Christopher suspects her for the break-in and later visits the prison to confront and threaten her, finally shattering her obsessive delusions.

At the end of the second season, Lorna allows Rosa to steal the van after finding out that she only had a few weeks to live so that she would not die in prison.

In the third season, she becomes depressed and lonely after being relieved of her duties as the van driver and losing Nicky, who was sent to Maximum Security at the beginning of the season.

To cope, as well as to get extra commissary money, she decides to start writing to multiple men. After visiting with several different men, she starts a relationship with a man named Vince "Vinny" Muccio.

As the two get closer, Lorna manipulates Vince into gathering some of his friends and beating Christopher up.

Eventually, Lorna and Vince get married in the prison's visitor center and they consummate their marriage in the visitor's snack room.

In the fourth season, Lorna is angered when nobody has any reaction to the news that she is married. It is soon pointed out to her that she actually knows almost nothing about her new husband, and she realizes that it may well be true when Alex asks her what his favorite color is and she cannot answer.

She later discovers while talking to Vinny on the phone that he lives with his parents, but is not perturbed.

Nevertheless, she begins to annoy and disturb the inmates with her open phone sex conversations, including in the visiting room. She is overjoyed at Nicky's return from max but declines when Nicky tries to convince her to restart their relationship.

In the later part of the season, she begins to suspect that Vinny is cheating on her with her sister, despite her having asked her sister to go and visit him herself, and ends up angrily accusing both of infidelity.

Subsequently, when Red pairs her with Nicky to search the grounds in order to keep them busy, she has to fend Nicky off once again, but eventually confesses through tears that she is destroying her relationship and is powerless to stop herself.

In Season 5 she takes refuge in the pharmacy with Nicky and helps distribute medicine to the inmates. She is shown to be visibly shaken when Nicky confesses her love for Lorna to Brook Soso.

She eventually convinces Nicky to have sex with her out of horniness, which she later blames on pregnancy hormones, despite not having taken a pregnancy test.

She tells Vince, who is waiting in the crowd outside the prison, that she is pregnant, but he immediately gets into his car and drives away.

With both Nicky and Vince gone, Lorna enters into a state of denial and refuses to give any other inmates medicine and tries to convince them that they don't need it.

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Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Logo de la serie. Piper Kerman Jenji Kohan. Cindy Hayes 82 episodes, Laura Prepon Alex Vause 82 episodes, Natasha Lyonne Nicky Nichols 81 episodes, Jessica Pimentel Maria Ruiz 81 episodes, Elizabeth Rodriguez Blanca Flores 74 episodes, Michael Harney Sam Healy 67 episodes, Matt Peters Joel Luschek 64 episodes, Lea DeLaria Big Boo 63 episodes, Dale Soules Frieda Berlin 63 episodes, Diane Guerrero Maritza Ramos 57 episodes, Vicky Jeudy Janae Watson 56 episodes, Emma Myles Leanne Taylor 54 episodes, Samira Wiley Poussey Washington 52 episodes, Julie Lake Angie Rice 48 episodes, Constance Shulman Yoga Jones 48 episodes, Abigail Savage Gina Murphy 48 episodes, Alysia Reiner Natalie Figueroa 47 episodes, Annie Golden Norma Romano 46 episodes, Lin Tucci Anita DeMarco 45 episodes, Kimiko Glenn Brook Soso 44 episodes, Joel Marsh Garland Zirconia Cabrera 41 episodes, Laverne Cox Sophia Burset 40 episodes, Catherine Curtin Wanda Bell 40 episodes, Mike Houston CO Lee Dixon 40 episodes, Emily Tarver Edit Storyline Piper Chapman is a public relations executive with a career and a fiance when her past suddenly catches up to her.

Edit Did You Know? Trivia Uzo Aduba Crazy Eyes became the first actress to win two Emmys in consecutive years in different categories; the first was in in Comedy and the second was in in Drama.

Goofs The timeline of the show often changes; the first season indicates being set in upon entering prison, Piper begs Larry to not watch the latest Mad Men without her, and Larry is shown the latest episode from season 4, which originally aired in However, season 5 references the San Bernarndino shootings, which occurred in This cannot be possible as Piper's prison sentence was for 15 months and only about a year has passed in those five seasons.

Quotes Poussey Washington : [ about love ] It's just chilling, you know? Kickin' it with somebody, talking, making mad stupid jokes.

And like, not even wanting to go to sleep 'cuz then you might be without 'em for a moment and you don't want that. Was this review helpful to you?

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Q: Where can I find the complete list of songs? Country: USA. Language: English. Runtime: 59 min. Yes, and it is Located Near Utica".

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She asks Delia to adopt her and give her a better life, and after Delia tells her yes and she ensured that Panasonic Oled 2021 knew how to correctly pronounce Armaria's name, she ends the call and goes outside the prison to surrender. She tells Vince, who is waiting in the crowd outside the prison, that she is pregnant, but he immediately gets into his car and drives away. Tricia and Boo have had problems in the Oitnb Cast fighting over a girl. Lori Tan Chinn. Madison initially muscles in to be captain for the team, but they eventually vote for Piper to take over, which incites Madison's jealousy. He also provides moral support to Taystee by encouraging her to take the stand in her defense, which results in her speaking about her desire to see former CO Good Doktor tried for Poussey's death. However, shortly afterwards, some of Red's possessions disappear, and she later discovers that Nicky had stolen them to fund her relapse into drug addiction. Satellite Award for Best Television Series — Musical Report Der Magd Staffel 3 Comedy. Maisel The Marvelous Mrs. Piper, now released from prison, asks to have dinner and catch up with him and Polly. Whilst hiding in the bunker, Piper proposes Neds Ultimativer Schulwahnsinn Stream Alex, and she joyfully accepts.
Oitnb Cast
Oitnb Cast Cesar Velazquez is Aleida Diaz's boyfriend and father to Eva Diaz and Lucy Diaz and A unnamed baby and a minor character in Orange is the New Black. He is portrayed by Berto Colon. 1 Personality 2 Physical Appearance 3 Biography Before Aleida and Daya's incarceration Season One Season Two Season Three Season Four 4 Relationships Romantic Family 5 Trivia 6 Memorable. Main cast Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman, inmate Laura Prepon as Alex Vause, inmate Michael Harney as Sam Healy, correctional officer Michelle Hurst as Miss Claudette Pelage, inmate Kate Mulgrew as Galina "Red" Reznikov, inmate Jason Biggs as Larry Bloom, Piper's fiancé. Main cast Taylor Schilling as Piper Chapman Laura Prepon as Alex Vause, inmate (seasons 1, 3–7; recurring season 2) Michael Harney as Sam Healy, correctional officer (seasons 1–4; guest season 6 and 7) Michelle Hurst as Miss Claudette Pelage, inmate (season 1) Kate Mulgrew as Galina "Red" Reznikov. Orange Is the New Black is an American comedy-drama series created by Jenji Kohan that airs on teevblogger.com is based on Piper Kerman's memoir, Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison, about her experiences in a women's prison. Jenji Kohan stated that the story for the second season would focus less on Piper Chapman and more in the cast as a whole. For the second season, Uzo Aduba, Taryn Manning, Danielle Brooks, and Natasha Lyonne were promoted to series regulars. [2].
Oitnb Cast 11/7/ · Series cast summary: Taylor Schilling Piper Chapman 91 episodes, Kate Mulgrew Galina 'Red' Reznikov 91 episodes, Uzo Aduba Suzanne 'Crazy Eyes' Warren 89 episodes, Danielle Brooks 8,1/10(,6K). rows · Orange Is the New Black (abreviado como OITNB) es una serie estadounidense de . Comedy-Drama über die kriminelle Piper Chapman, die wegen Drogenschmuggels eine Haftstrafe von 15 Monaten in einem New Yorker Gefängnis absitzen muss. Dabei macht sie grundlegende persönliche Veränderungen durch. Orange Is the New Black (oft abgekürzt mit OITNB) ist eine US-amerikanische Dramedyserie von Jenji Kohan, die ab Juli in den USA von Netflix per. Orange is the New Black: Cast & Crew. Darsteller; Regie; Drehbuch; Originalkonzeption; Produktion; Produktionsfirma; Musik; Kamera; Schnitt; Regieassistenz. Orange Is the New Black Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Taylor Schilling, Laura Prepon, Kate Mulgrew u.v.m. Q: Where can I find the complete list of songs? Mendez pressures Red into smuggling drugs into the prison, but Red refuses. Triple X Movie the gallery.

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